Our story

Since 1989, Le Vent de Sable welcomes you every day of the week, lunch and dinner, in a friendly atmosphere and an authentic oriental atmosphere. Located in the heart of the 15th arrondissement of Paris, you can enjoy Algerian specialties (sometimes from Moroccan inspirations but the chef is Algerian)!

Traditional oriental cuisine

Couscous, tajines, bricks, oriental salads, grills ... and certainly the best méchoui in Paris. Our cuisine is generous and hearty, aligned with the hospitality and delicacy you find when traveling to the Maghreb.

The Arab-Moorish inspired decoration will take you to the other side of the Mediterranean for a meal.

We also serve nice paella with scented rice, fresh vegetables, seafood, melted chicken and even lobsters!

A word from the owner

More than 30 years of experience in catering: I am a true passionate. What I prefer ? Our traditional food and the human connection is the reason why Le Vent de Sable satisfies me every day since 1992, it is my second home. I make sure that every one of my guests feels like home, the restaurant has a warm and family atmosphere.

My team and I work hard to serve the best of Algerian, Moroccan and more generally Oriental cuisine, always in a good mood. Many of my clients are regulars and are almost part of the family. I will be happy to welcome new people to enjoy and have a good time with us.